Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Profile: Zapiro

Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro)

South African cartoonist
Family Name: Shapiro
Given Name: Jonathan
Pseudonym: Zapiro
Dates: born 1958
Gender: Male
Country: South Africa

Positions listed are those which are held currently or have been held in the past. Dates are given wherever possible. Where there are no dates, positions are ordered alphabetically.

* Cartoonist - Sunday Times (South Africa)

Selected Works

Where there are no dates, works are ordered alphabetically

* Long Walk to Free Time [Collection of Cartoons, Double Storey Books, 2004]
* Dr DoLittle and the African Potato [Collection of Cartoons, Doubleday, 2003]
* Bushwhacked [2002]
* The ANC Went in 4X4 [2001]
* The Devil Made Me Do It! [2000]
* Call Mr Delivery [1999]
* End Of Part One [1998]
* The Hole Truth [1997]
* The Madiba Years [1996]

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